Covid-19 Response 14/04/20

April 14, 2020

COVID-19 Response 14.04.20


Dear friends and colleagues


We want to once again thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness and continued support during this challenging time.


It is important to us that we share with you the measures being taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing­ ­­-- emotional and physical -- of all of our residents, relatives and staff.


At time of writing, we have had no confirmed cases at either site with no residents showing any symptoms.



Restrictions on visitors


We implemented this policy early on and can only thank you all for the sacrifices you are making in order to help shield our residents. We will to continue to restrict visitors until it
is deemed safe to do otherwise.


You can still continue video and telephone calls. Please arrange this by calling the office on (01202) 528420 / 511399. As the weather improves, we may on occasion be able to arrange visits where you may come to the window for closer interactions in person, but whilst government restrictions on movement remain in place these will be limited and must be arranged in advance.


Admissions and re-admissions


For your information, we have attached the NHS / CQC guidance on admissions. The guidance states that not all admissions are tested for COVID-19 and that potential residents who have tested positive for the virus may still be admitted. Our policy, however, is that all admissions must have tested negative for COVID-19.


In addition, any residents coming back from hospital will be isolating for 14 days as a precaution even with a negative test result.


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


We have had no issues with any of our suppliers (including food, sanitary and medical) and are well stocked with PPE. We are in regular conversations with the local authorities who can provide emergency supplies should we require them.


In addition to our regular strict infection control procedures, we are following the guidance
of Public Health England on the use of PPE and have attached a visual guide for your information. You may have seen images of care home workers in the news wearing the full protective equipment. This is because they are already dealing with positive cases on site. We are going above and beyond in our preventative measures which are outlined below.



Additional Preventative Measures


  • RESTORE2 – This is an NHS scheme and stands for Recognise Early Soft Signs, Take Observations, Respond, Escalate. In summary, every resident is observed and recorded at least twice daily. If ANY observations collate with potential warning signs, the level of caution is escalated before the surfacing of potential symptoms.


  • All staff are observed and have their temperature recorded when they arrive for work.


  • All staff are required to change into clean work clothing on arrival to prevent infection risk.


  • Any parcels, post, supplies or other items that enter the building are cleaned with antibacterial cleaner.



We hope that this information will give you a better understanding of our approach to this challenging situation and offer some reassurance that our team are doing all they can to keep everybody safe.


As ever we welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns or messages, we will do
our best to respond promptly and appreciate your patience whilst our staff are under
extra strains.


From us all at Amrial, we wish you all good health and wellbeing. Stay safe.











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