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Frequently Asked Questions

How does funding work? Am I eligible?

As you might expect, this is a common and important question. Give us a call to speak to the home manager about your particular circumstances, and if you would like a primer on what to expect, this video below from Eldercare is very helpful:

What funding arrangements do you support?

We realise that funding for care can be complicated so we make every attempt to be as flexible as possible.


Whether your funding arrangements will be private (self-funded) or local authority funded, please feel free to discuss options with our manager as we can often help with solutions involving a mixture of funding streams available. Unlike many homes, we don't charge a premium to self-funded residents.


We work closely with the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) council to provide our residents and their families peace of mind when it comes to value and standards of care.

How much are your weekly fees and what do they include?

We try to be consistent with our prices regardless of funding arrangements. At time of writing (August 2022) fees for Farway Grange start at £1300 per week.

What's covered: In-house Services


a)    Accommodation
b)    All meals (including special dietary requirements)
c)    Drinks
d)    A laundry service for your personal belongings which are machine washable (but not including professional dry cleaning nor hand washing of any item). Please ensure that all clothes are clearly labelled. Whilst every care is taken with resident’s clothes, responsibility cannot be taken for clothes lost or damaged
e)    The use of all facilities of the home
f)    Access to the telephone (line rental)
g)    Newspapers and reading material in the lounge
h)    Terrestrial television in your room
i)    Use of books, music CDs and DVDs from the library
j)    Take away meals (provided ad-hoc as treats rather than regular event)
k)    Fitness and Activities classes
l)    Birthday parties
m)    Days out
n)    Internet usage via a personal computer or tablet device, provided that your usage is legal and your downloads are not excessive in our reasonable opinion. Internet availability and connection speed is limited according to the service provided to the Home by the relevant broadband service provider.

What is the link between level of need and cost?

All residents are assessed prior to admission, which helps us to determine the initial level of care and support required.

In addition to this, we regularly review the needs of residents and when collated, this information helps us to determine appropriate staffing levels within each home.

As residents’ needs change, we adjust our staffing accordingly in conjunction with clinical input from the nursing and care team.

In addition to considering the numbers of our team, we also look at the skills required to care for residents and ensure that all team members have the training and supervision required to enable them to deliver the best possible care.

Is there a waiting list for care?

The demand for care home beds is significant and we are always trying to adapt to meet it.

We regularly update the local authorities, NHS and care sites such as with our current availability.

For the most accurate information please call us and we can discuss your requirements and advise on both suitability and availability.

Do you offer respite care?

Yes, respite care is an invaluable part of our service. Respite care is ideal for those who want the peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being cared for whilst they take some well-deserved 'me' time to recharge.

Short stay/respite care residents are given the same level of care and attention as long stay residents and our team will put together a full written care plan to ensure all emotional and physical needs are met.


Owing to the level of detail that goes in to all of our care plans we offer respite care for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no administrative charges or deposits required.

On admission, we take payment for the days remaining in the month plus a month in advance to allow time for on-going invoicing to be set up.

Please contact us for more details.

For respite or short-term stays, payment is taken for the whole stay on the date of admission to the home.

Do you offer a trial period?

Permanent residents are provided with a four week trial period which you have the right to cancel with 7 days written notice to the Home Manager.

Many people take advantage of our flexibility and start out with a few weeks of respite care. This provides an opportunity to see if the home is a good fit, as well as offering both the resident and their carers a break.

Can residents bring personal possessions into the home?

We encourage residents to bring in personal items to decorate their bedrooms so they feel at home.

If you wish to bring in furniture, please discuss this with the Home Manager, as it will need to pass health and safety standards.

All electrical items will be tested for compliance with current regulations by our maintenance team and any item that does not pass unfortunately cannot remain in the home.

Are pets allowed?

Depending on the type of pet and the individual circumstances, this is at the discretion of the Home Manager. Please discuss with them prior to moving in.

Whilst larger pets may be unsuitable, we have regular visits from friendly trained animals for residents to enjoy.

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