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Choosing The Right Care Home

Choosing a care home is a big decision and can be overwhelming.


Whether doing your own research or choosing from a list, it is often difficult to know where to begin: Location? Price? CQC rating? Reviews? Facilities?


Inevitably it is a combination of all of these factors, with relative importance varying based on the situation. Sometimes respite care may be a welcome break for both home carers and residents.


Useful Questions When Seeking Care For Someone Else

Will the stay be short-term respite care or long-term care?

Are they mobile/independent enough to appreciate facilities like a gym?


Do they enjoy personal interaction but struggle with mobility?


Do they require nursing care?


Do they prefer quiet alone time or frequent personal attention, benefiting from a higher ratio of staff to residents?


Will they be close enough to have regular visits from friends and family?


Everybody is unique. 

Is Farway Grange Right For Me?

Farway Grange will be a good fit and provide great value for residents who require nursing care in a warm, homely setting.


Being family run and focusing on doing the essentials well (care, nutrition, interaction) means we can maintain high standards whilst remaining competitive.


Our residents tend to still enjoy activities, community and good food but often struggle with mobility meaning that facilities like a gym or coffee bar are unnecessary. Farway Grange takes pride in modelling itself on being a home from home, not a hotel or weekend retreat.

We understand that the circumstances around choosing a care home can be stressful, so to help reduce the pressure on the decision we have no minimum term or obligation, so you can try us without feeling like the decision has to be final.

If you have more questions we would be happy to discuss them. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs, arrange a visit and offer guidance on next steps.


To help you choose whether we are the right fit, here is a summary of how Farway Grange ranks on key criteria:


  • How far is it for friends and relatives to visit?

  • Is the setting nice? Just like when buying a house, will factors like busy main roads affect noise and air pollution?

Farway Grange:

  • Easy access to spur road and train station.

  • Quiet residential area.

  • No parking restrictions.


  • Our residential care fees start at £1145 per week depending on care needs and choice of room.

  • Our nursing care fees start at £1315 per week (excluding FNC payments) depending on level of need and choice of room (March 2024).

  • Our fees are the same regardless of whether you are self-funding or local authority funded.

  • Knight Frank Care Homes Trading Performance Review 2023 can be found here for wider UK context

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CQC Rating

  • Does the home have CQC ratings of ‘Good’ or above? The regulator ensures standards of safety, care and management and is a good indicator that the home has industry-standard processes in place.

  • Personal attention. What is the ratio of nurses and care staff : residents? Mornings we have slightly over 1:2, not including additional activities coordinators most days.

  • Nursing care. It is a legal requirement to have a Registered Nurse on site 24/7.

Reviews are the leading UK care home review site and one of the most trusted in the industry, reading every review before publishing to ensure compliancy with their review policy.


Landscaped gardens, tranquil koi pond, day room, garden cabin, cinema club, arts & crafts, day trips, entertainers, animal petting.


Click here for our activities page where you can also see updates on Facebook of what our residents and team have been up to.


You can also stay in touch virtually. We have computer tablets available to all residents for activities and video calling. 

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